Homelessness is not just an issue found in urban areas, rural areas such as Rhea County are subject to the same contributing factors such as; unemployment, addiction, relationship issues, family conflict and a number of other situations that can lead a person to find themselves homeless.  Mountain View Church believes that as followers of Jesus Christ, we are to lend a hand during these tough transitional times.  Though we are not set up for long term residency, we do offer emergency beds for nights with expected below freezing temperatures.  

Emergency Shelter

During the cold winter months Mountain View Church opens the doors to their fellowship hall in order to 

provide a warm place to sleep from 5 pm until 8 am.  If you know of someone that has an emergency need they can call the church at 423-428-9228 for information.

The shelter is available  on those days that the temperatures are expected to drop below freezing in the over night hours.  

If you would be interested in donating time, supplies or funds to help Mountain View provide this much needed ministry you can call the number above.

Other Emergency Resources